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Notes from Day 3
Dr. Elissa Levine impressed upon us that every soil has a story to tell.  She explained to us the importance of soil, its uses, and gave examples and descriptions of an international selection of soil types.  We experienced GLOBE soil characterization field protocols dealing with soil structure, soil color, soil consistency, and soil texture.
Pete Hardy, a well-traveled GLOBE teacher-scientist, demonstrated the soil profile protocol that is to be used by the scientists in surveying the Iturralde structure.  GLOBE is an internationally recognized program and its protocols help develop reliable scientific measuring and sampling of the environment.  Soil protocols will look at soil structure at the suspected crater site and hopefully help to determine its origin.
The remainder of the last day was spent discussing how the expedition will unfold, both in terms of teacher-scientist expectations and those of the field scientists led by Dr. Peter Wasilewski.  It was agreed that the information, no matter how it is presented, will be a "work in progress" as the mission moves forward.  Coordination among all participants is crucial and challenging given their geographical distribution.  We commit ourselves to do the best possible in this regard.