Equipment needed for the snow pit studies

DIG THE SNOW PIT ---> shovels, meter tape measure, compass, GPS unit

1- shovels to do the actual digging
2- Folding meter stick, meter tape measure to attach to the pit face
3- Compass to determine the orientation of the pit
4- GPS to locate the pit or go to web site. This site will have the latitude and longitude of any town or lake site

MEASURE TEMPERATURE PROFILE --->beaker, thermometers (dial stem variety)

1- Beaker and crushed ice to make a slush bath of water and ice for temperature calibration
2- Thermometers of the dial stem variety to insert into the snow face

MARKING SNOW HORIZONS --->soft paintbrush, markers (i.e. - golf tees, popsicle sticks, etc.), pencil w/eraser, knife

1- Soft paintbrush to dress the surface of the pit face
2- Markers for the identification of horizons-these are golf tees, bamboo skewers, popsicle sticks etc.
3- Pencil with eraser and knife for hardness determination

GRAIN SIZE AND SHAPE --->spatula, snow crystal card or plastic playing card, small metric ruler, small (10x) magnifying loupe

1- Spatula to sample the snow
2- Snow crystal card or plastic playing card to serve as the holder for the snow grains
3- A small plastic centimeter/millimeter ruler that can be found in any school supply shop for measuring the size of snow grains
4- Small (10X or more) magnifying loupe. These are the same as used for the examination of film surfaces.

SNOW DENSITY AND SNOW WATER EQUIVALENT (SWE)---> hollow aluminum tube, scale or an outfitted density kit

1- Hollow thin walled Aluminum tube to sample snow
2- Scale to weigh the tube and snow
3- There are density kits that include all the necessary equipment