Saturday 28th September

At about 0700, the team in Puerto Araona is relieved to see the boat loaded with the biologists and others finally arive. The group had to sleep on the river after being bogged down by obstacles when darkness came. The 6 hour trip took 14 hours.

Christian, Compton and Holly fly out by Cessna to Riberalta and on to Santa Cruz. Holly is an important part of NASA’s Space Shuttle team and she was anxious to be at her station for the space shuttle landing.

RDTF helicopter flights bring the expedition members that remain in Puerto to Cobija. The magnetometer team is intent on reaching the center of the crater and with the aid of maps and coordinate locations finally reach the center. Inside the center they discover (o52aoo)a monoculture of the palm trees with the spindle roots that tend to grow in the frequently flooded area.

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