Monday 23rd September

The magnetometer team meets up with the biologist camp on the Arroyo. The 2002 expedition introduces dependence on the GPS units for just about every location encountered. The teams caught up with the trail cutters to verify the location of the trail cutting progress. GPS data reveals that the trail cutters missed the center of the crater by about 1 km based on a determination of the coordinates from maps.

The cooks from Riberalta, who are now at the crater camp, continued to excavate the savannah soil pit until they struck water to form a well. We knew that there was water at the bottom of the coring depth but the ingenuity of the cooks resulted in a new water source. Water from the well proved to have a slightly salty taste.

Meanwhile back at Puerto Araona, Allen hardwires Magplane components and begins to put the Magplane together.

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