Saturday 21st September

The Early morning rainstorm provided a valuable opportunity to collect fresh drinking water. Early risers PeterH and Dave cleverly created a channel in the blue plastic canopy so that water from the steady rain could be directed into the "jerry cans". The focus for the day was collecting magnetometer data and soil sampling. Bi-lingual (English and Spanish) video was shot of the soil testing and bagging. The protocols used to acquire soil data (with the help of the expedition high schoolers) were essentially the GLOBE protocols.

The magnetometer team was joined by Allen to open the trail further north. Both barometric pressure (elevation) and magnetic data were acquired. Unfortunately there was only one barometer, consequently there is no base station data though it can be implied that the rim is elevated with respect to the interior (37a). While gathering data the magnetometer team find that pools of water left from the rain season contain piles of fish skeletons. Later in the afternoon the same team made a quick trip to the crater rim while collecting elevation and magnetic data.

That evening, the Crater Camp was officially titled LA JUNTA DE GENIOS Y DAVE (the Confluence of the great minds and Dave)

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