Location: Puerto Araona, Bolivia


Weather: 32°C / 89°F Cloudy
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Press: Sept. 14 Frontpage story on ICE2002 in The Baltimore Sun. Must register first at www.sunspot.net to access (its free). Thanks Rosemary.
Reception committee.When the first group arrived there was no-one from the Araona Village to meet the flight. The "second coming" brought a big contrast as the whole village turned out for a peep.

The itinerant ICE2002 team started the move downriver as most of the team took off in a fleet of canoes from Puerto Araona for a 12 hour journey on the Rio Manupare. In the next few days the team will link up in Palmasola and proceed towards the ultimate destination - the Iturralde Impact crater.


The next webcast is scheduled for Friday September 20th from inside the crater rim. Stay tuned for exact time and details.

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