Location: Riberalta, Bolivia


Weather: 24°C / 75°F Cloudy
Science Data: No field data today. Webcasts are planned for next week so stay tuned.
Slide Show: A visual tour of Riberalta
Riberalta:Riberalta lies at the confluence of the Rio Beni and the Madre de Dios rivers seen here (see todays Location Map for an in-depth look). The Madre de Dios flows in from the center of the picture and the Rio Beni from the left. This flow becomes the Rio Madeira when it reaches Brazil and becomes one of the main tributaries of the Amazon River.

The ICE2002 Team is staying in Riberalta for the next two days making preparations and awaiting air transport via the helicopters of the Red Devil Task Force. On Sunday, September 15 the team will fly into Puerto Araona for the next leg of the journey. See todays slideshow for more photos.

The Colonial: The hotel where Team ICE2002 is staying was once the home of a prosperous Bolivian rubber baron. This is the view of the internal gardens from the breakfast table.
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