Location: Puerto Araona, Palmasola and inside the crater


Weather: 34°C / 93°F Smoke
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Video: 09/25 New videos on Soil Science.

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Video: 09/25 Gunther Kletetschka discusses the collection of mag data

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MAGPLANE Tracker. This is a real-time web-based tracking system for the MAGPLANE once it gets airbourne
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Press: Sept. 14 Frontpage story on ICE2002 in The Baltimore Sun. Must register first at www.sunspot.net to access (its free). Thanks Rosemary.
The runway at Puerto Araona International Airport nears completion. After a thorough assessment of the landing strip a consensus was reached that it needed an overhaul - and thus was born the HWC (or Hardy Working Crew). Led by ICE2002's Head Soil Man (Peter Hardy) the HWC worked for 3 days, using small hand shovels, to smooth out the surface of the 140 meter runway. The picture above captures the penultimate moment when the two halves of the HWC, which had started at opposite ends, met in the middle. Bystanders reminisced about another historical event - the meeting of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads on May 10, 1869 when the Golden Spike was laid in Promontory, Utah.

The runway has been completed and Allen Lunsford is hard at work making final adjustmants to the primary MAGPLANE. The launch of a test plane proved that the runway was sound and shed light on the engine power necessary for a successful flight (see the Picture of the Day for a description of the test plane launch). The flight of the MAGPLANE is scheduled for tommorow morning (stay tuned for exact time) - use the 'MAGPLANE' Tracker' on the front page for real-time flight info.


The webcast tomorrow will follow a similar format to the previous broadcasts and feature the ICE2002 MAGPLANE Tech Allen Lunsford. The webcast from 09/24 has been archived.

Supper-time for the ants. An integral part of the Bolivian ecosystem these ants devour an unlucky grasshopper and a stray spaghetti noodle.
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