Location: Inside the Iturralde Crater


Weather: 28°C / 82°F Rain
Science Data: 09/21-22 New mag data in 'Science Stuff' area
Video: 09/20 From inside the crater Peter Hardy discusses 'Background on Soil Sampling'

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Slideshow: ICE2002 at the crater
Press: Sept. 14 Frontpage story on ICE2002 in The Baltimore Sun. Must register first at www.sunspot.net to access (its free). Thanks Rosemary.
Storm. The ICE2002 Team was able to download some "reasonably-real-time" GOES imagery from NOAA (http://www.noaa.gov) to see if they were going to have to deal with rain throughout the day. From the looks of this loop (click here for an animated look at the storm system), it will be a very wet day. This will force a change of plans for the day's field work. Reacting and adapting to the local situation has become a way of life for the members of ICE2002.

On Saturday a drenching storm descended on the ICE2002 camp. Confined to tents for most of the day - field work was limited. Having gone nearly a week without bathing some members of the team took advantage of the natural shower provided by the clouds and washed off a bit of the grime. The rest of the time was spent preping gear and later that night David Beverly treated the weary team to an impromptu guitar concert.

On Sunday the team split up into three parts with distinct mission objectives. Peter Wasilewski, Peter Hardy, David Beverly and Allen Lunsford headed back to Puerto Araona (compliments of the Red Devil Task Force helicopters) to prepare the MAGPLANE for its first flight later in the week and to set up tomorrows webcast. Holly Offerman, Tim Killeen and Compton Tucker set out on foot to Palmasola continuing their botanical research. Last, Gunther Kletetschka stayed behind at the crater basecamp ( dubbed LA JUNTA DE GENIOS Y DAVE ) to get further magnetometer readings. The standing protocol for ICE2002 is that no one ventures out alone - there must always be a guide present. This prevents anyone from getting lost in the maze of the rainforest.


The webcast will follow a similar format to the previous broadcasts and will feature Peter Hardy. The subject of the webcast will be a preliminary discussion of what we plan to do with the Vernier probes and what we plan to accomplish with these tools.

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