Location: Inside the Iturralde Crater


Weather: 36°C / 96°F Clouds
Science Data: New mag data in 'Science Stuff' area
Video: From inside the crater Peter Hardy discusses 'Background on Soil Sampling'

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Slideshow: Slide show of the helocopter journey from Puerto Araona
Press: Sept. 14 Frontpage story on ICE2002 in The Baltimore Sun. Must register first at www.sunspot.net to access (its free). Thanks Rosemary.
Gunther Kletetschka tracking team location on GPS from inside the crater.

After arriving in the crater, Gunther Kletetschka and Dr. Peter Wasilewski took some preliminary fluxgate magnetonometer readings (image of measurement points) and established the teams exact GPS coordinates. You can find the magnetometer data uploads in the 'Science Stuff' area.

Peter Hardy has continued his soil analysis and produced a series of 3 videos to explain the process.

The conditions on the ground are intense - David Beverly reports, "We're all hot, sweaty, dirty and tick infested - we haven't eaten much in two days - and I'm loving every minute of it!" While administering todays webcast David was besieged by a raging swarm of sweat bees and wasps. These pests are a constant and painful presence.


Todays webcast has been archived in the 'Multimedia' section accessed from the front page. Tomorrow the field team will respond to questions raised by the teacher teams during the broadcast. Stay tuned!

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